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Apllication- Richard Wayne Empty Apllication- Richard Wayne

Post by RWayne on Tue Dec 18, 2012 7:19 am

I had applyed the other day during your switch over of captains and I was told I was on hold I found your new site so I thought I would post this here.
Thanks for your consideration,


Player Information
Name(You do not have to put a last name): Aaron Parry
Age: 33

Character Info
First Name: Richard
Middle Name: Timothy
Last Name: Wayne
Position You Are Applying For: 2nd Officer, Chief Tac/Security Officer
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Age: 27

Physical Appearance
Height: 6'3
Weight: 239
Hair Color: brown
Eye Color: blue
Physical Description: Richard is quite the imposing man. He stands tall and with his athletic upbringing he has a wide stature to himself. He considers his looks Average its his charm that wins the ladies hearts. He has a scare on his back where he had emergency heart surgery when he was 1 month old. Other then that he has his families crest tattooed on his right upper arm.

Spouse: none
Children: none that he knows of
Father: Jason Wayne
Mother: Barbra Wayne
Brother(s): none
Sister(s): none
Other Family: Growing up as an only child he spent most of his time with his childhood best friend Eric Mixon and considers him his brother as much as if he was his own blood.

Personality and traits
General Overview: Richard is has a very outgoing attitude and a flare for the extreme. If that is his job he is very duty minded and hard headed when getting the job done. He is a strategist, a detective minded individual. If its off duty he loves to play even harder. Always up for any challenge that might be layed before him and never shy to hit up on all the pretty ladies in the room.

He is very loyal to his family and his crew becomes that family away from home. He will do anything to protect either family up to and including taking phaser fire for someone. He is a hopeless romantic and truly believes in heroes.

Strengths & Weaknesses: Richard has a story to tell and it is usually at least based on some facts. He loves to be the center of attention and to make people feel happy and good about himself. He can be very driven when it comes to his job and the protection of his crew. If wronged and he finds out he is almost vindictive to a fault.

Ambitions: While not worrying much about rank ups his ambitions are simple to be the best officer Bravo Fleet has ever meet and to defend the Federation to the fullest. He believes some day stories will be told of his Heroic valor/

Hobbies & Interests: Richard loves extreme sports that keep him in shape and moving not one to sleep or lay around he loves to go on shore leaves find a cave or a mountain he has not tackled and if he is stuck on the ship he loves his holo-programs. He also has a flair for a good party and showing everyone a good time.

Personal History: He was born on Earth in the city of Chicago, USA. He loved the city life and exploring it and all it had to offer got Richard started at an early stage. He was taught survival skills by his father both urban and wilderness and they would take weeklong trips with no money just the cloths on their backs and spend the week in different areas exploring and living off the land and environment.

Richard attended High school and excelled on the debate team and in Gymnastics. he enjoyed his time in High school and even figured a way to take 3 girls to his senior prom and they were never the wiser.

after High school he enrolled in Officer's school at Star fleet academy.

Service Record:
2379-2383 Cadet at Star Fleet Academy.
2383-2385 Served as Tactical officer and Infiltration Specialist on the USS Victorious until it was decommissioned
2385-2386 Served Star Fleet Intelligence as a Special Ops team leader
2387 Joined the USS Indefatigable.

Sample Post:
For your sample post I want you to have fun. So here's a few situations for you to write on
2.) You are part of an away team on an abandoned derelict the ship has come across, investigating what happened.

Richard had been going over all the information that was coming in from the away teams and from the sector. Business had just picked up with the detection of a Klingon Cruiser entering the system. After the failed attempt to cloak Richard slammed his head on to the table in front of him this was going bad in such a hurry. "Rodger Young this is Cale... I am going to need Mr Wayne to my location. We are having issues getting in to the Engine Room." came the call over comms from the Chief StratOps officer. Richard quirked up his head there was no way he could get on that ship without giving up our location to the Klingons.

That's when Eric had a plan it was gonna have to rely on one of the Marines or Ensign Cale doing the dirty work but it should work. "Computer set up a direct line to Ensign Cale use Intel protocol 31-alpha secure it and link me in." Richard had run off the bridge and was on a dead sprint to the nearest Holodeck. Just as he was entering the program in the system for a mock up of this type of ship in the Holo-projector the computer chimed in. "Link established."

"Ensign Cale this is Officer Wayne, It is impossible for me to get over there without giving us away to the baddies hunting us down but I am loading up a holodeck Simm and I can talk you through the work around for the door. I need you to follow my instructions and we can have you in there in no time."

Cale sighed. "I forgot you didn't come with us. So many new faces. Okay make sure you tie in Protocol Omega 440 that will make sure no can scan the ship for the next 45 mins. I just have to do the work while you talk me through it. No worries."

"I understand first I need you to go on the right side of the wall next to the door about 3 meters from the door jam at eye level and have all your mean blast away we need to get into the wall and its very much reinforced." Richard added

Phaser Fire can be heard on the comm line. "It going to take me just a second, a pause." Okay done.

"Nice job. now you should see a bunch of wires red, blue, green, and orange. The Orange is the self destruct dont touch it. I need you to cute the blue wire and you will be in!!" Richard explained sometimes complicated problems have easy solutions.

Cale cut the blue wire. It took about three seconds, the longest three second life but the door came loose so that he could move it. "I am in Stay with me Richard I may need you further.

After Cale finished making the minor repairs he used Jeremiah first name when he knew that the Captain wouldn't get mad "Jeremiah I gave you 80 percent on the forward weapons bank you have approx 9 photon torpedo in the aft bay. You have 1/2 Impulse for at least forty five mins. Shields and deflectors are at 92 percent. If your not where you want to be by then the best I am going to give you is 80 kph out of the thrusters. Rodger Young why dont you guys declamp and just stay with us and that way the sheer doesnt tear you up."



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Apllication- Richard Wayne Empty Re: Apllication- Richard Wayne

Post by Reneé Lucas on Tue Dec 18, 2012 7:31 am

A wee change I made to the roster was that the Second Officer wasn't something you applied for but were appointed. Given that the Second Officer could find themselves in the command chair the Commanding Officer and Executive Officer would want to examine and evaluate the senior officers to see who would be the best choice. Not to say you're a bad choice, just an unevaluated one.

To that end I won't be able to accept the Second Officer role application but I can definitely accept you as Chief Tactical and Security Officer with the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade.

Post your bio in the character section please!
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