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Post by Danny Sullivan on Wed Dec 19, 2012 7:49 am

First Name:Daniel

Middle Name:Ryan

Last Name:Sullivan

Position: Damage Control Specialist

Gender: Male

Species: Human


Physical Appearance



Hair Color:Brown

Eye Color:Green

Physical Description:A genial Irishman from just outside of Boston, MA. He has straight brown hair and a fair skin tone. His ruddy face is always marked by a twinkling in his eye and a ready grin. He has a medium build just starting to show signs of getting stocky.



Father:James Sullivan 63 (Chief Petty Officer Gunners Mate Starfleet Retired)

Mother:Margaret Sullivan 61

Brother(s):Micheal Sullivan 26 (Lieutenant Helmsman USS Oriskany)

Personality and traits

General Overview: Daniel is quick to tell a joke or a story and loves pulling practical jokes. His quick wit and easy going personality have shown him to be a valuable asset among the crew when the times get tough. He is well regarded by many officers of the fleet whom he served with before and a father figure to the younger crew members. He is a hard worker and very loyal to his officers and crew. He has never been married, he has often joked that "He is married to Starfleet". He is most happiest when whatever ship he is on is exploring the far reaches of space instead of sitting in drydock. The war has taken a toll on him and aside from a close breakdown following the Tyria system he seems to have adjusted from it but occasionally a nightmare or a panic attack will set in.

Strengths & Weaknesses: He has a strong grasp of engineering fundamentals and can fix anything using his hands and his mind. He is loyal to those up and down the chain of command and is renowned for his teaching of junior officers and younger crew. He does, however, have his own way of doing things which may or may not be within the rules and regulations. He has a quick temper when angered and was once reprimanded on the USS Hancock for throwing a PADD at the Executive Officer.

Ambitions: Daniel has nothing else in his life besides Starfleet. He just wants to serve and is mostly happiest when there is a problem he needs to solve or getting his hands dirty.

Hobbies & Interests: An avid musician on the trombone, he plays every night during his off duty time as a way to unwind. He enjoys listening to music as well and has been known during night watches to play music over the intercoms of the engineering spaces.


Personal History: Danny (as he likes to be called) was born 2351 outside of Boston, MA. His father was away on a deployment on the USS McCain. When he 7 his father took him and the rest of his family on board the ship he was a Gunners Mate 1st class on and showed them around during a 3 day cruise around the Terran system. Danny wanted a career teaching history but the call of duty and many shots of Jameson led him to a recruiting station in Dublin and within a month he was in San Francisco and Starfleet Academy. He enlisted rather than be an officer because while he was smart, he didn’t have the book smarts to be an officer. He had plenty of street smarts honed by years of being the man of the house during his father’s frequent absences. When asked what he wanted his specialty to be he chose Engineering because he didn’t want to be in his father’s shadow as a Gunners Mate. He fell in love with a teacher while at the Academy but she left him because she didn’t want to be a “Starfleet Widow”. He never bothered to try romance again but instead dove into his work. His younger brother decided he would rather be an officer and that has always served as a thing of tension between the two. His brother felt that he was better because of his officer status. His early career found him in Cardassian space mopping up during the Klingon War. He missed out on Sector 001 because his ship was in drydock undergoing a refit. Coming out of drydock, the Nagano attacked a Dominion shipyard in the early days of the war. When his tour on the Nagano was coming to an end the USS Kennedy was in dire need of Engineering bodies to replace attrition. He arrived on the Kennedy just in time for the fiasco at Tyria and was forced to abandon ship. After he was rescued he was depressed suffering from PTSD from the loss of his ship and fellow crewmen. He spent his month in Boston drinking and only after crying on his father’s shoulder did he pick himself up and return to duty. His next ship was an Excelsior class and most of his time there was spent in a relatively safe area escorting freighters carrying supplies for the war until the Dominion pushed further in and that once safe haven became contested space. The Forrestal was part of the fleet assembled to invade the Chin’toka system and then a year later made the final push into Cardassian space. Tired of the war and all the fighting Danny transferred to the Massachusetts which was bringing in relief supplies. Danny spent the next couple of years helping rebuild the ravaged Cardassian cities and spent some time training the Cardassians damage control techniques on their own ships. He was promoted to Chief Petty officer and his proud father pinned on his new rank during the ceremony. His next assignment took him far away from all the destruction to the USS Hancock. The Hancock served on the outer edges of the Federation. Those two years on the Hancock were the quietest and Daniel took the time to recharge himself. The Hancock participated in planetary survey missions and the occasional nebula or black hole study. He transferred to the USS Belknap and while on a drought relief mission the Belknap was jumped by a Breen ship hiding in an asteroid field and was severely damaged. Limping back to the starbase he got word an old Excelsior class starship was coming out of refit and needed bodies so he took orders to the USS Indefatigable.

Service Record:
Graduated boot camp and Damage control basic school-2369
2369-2373-Crewman: USS Nagano NCC-1963 Miranda class advanced to Petty Officer 3rd and 2nd class. Served during the Klingon War and early Dominon War battles.
2373-2374-Damage Controlman 2nd Class: USS Kennedy NCC-39678 Shelley class. Destroyed by the Dominion in the Tyria system.
2374-2378 USS Forrestal NCC-5959 Excelsior class. Convoy Escort, Battle of Chin'toka, Battle of Cardassia. Promoted to Damage Controlman 1st Class.
2378-2382 Damage Controlman 1st class: USS Massachusetts NCC-63476 Nebula class. Cardassian Occupation and cleanup missions. Promoted to Chief Petty Officer
2382-2384 Chief Petty Officer: USS Hancock NCC-2089 Excelsior class
2384-2387 Chief Petty Officer: USS Belknap NCC-2501 Belknap class. Severely damaged during a Breen attack in 2385. Still undergoing repairs
2387 Chief Petty Officer: USS Indefatigable NCC-14924 Excelsior class
Danny Sullivan
Danny Sullivan
Chief Petty Officer (R)
Chief Petty Officer (R)

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