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Application: Desdemona and Clementine Hyde Empty Application: Desdemona and Clementine Hyde

Post by KylaKy on Tue Dec 25, 2012 3:21 pm

Player Information
Name): Kyla
Age: 25
E-mail: (As a guest, it won't let me post it)

Character Info
Face Claim: Scarlett Johansson
First Name: Desdemona
Middle Name: Aria
Last Name: Hyde
Position You Are Applying For: CMO
Gender: Female
Species: Half Betazoid/Half Human
Age: 34

Physical Appearance
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 144 lbs.
Hair Color: Dirty Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Physical Description: Des is rather tall and slender, and rather toned as she likes to work out to keep herself nice and fit. She has blonde hair and while she is half Betazoid, she lucked out on having blue eyes instead of black as is the signature trade of Betazoids and half Betazoids. She’s almost always smiling and likes to keep her hair pulled back while on duty as well as well ironed uniforms, but off duty she tends to let her hair loose and deck out in whatever she feels like wearing at any given time. She loves knee-high and thigh-high boots.

Spouse: N/A
Children: Clementine Hyde (15)
Father: Matthew Langford
Mother: Diana Hyde
Brother(s): None
Sister(s): Jenna Harper (Younger; 28)
Other Family: Daisy Hyde (Aunt), Christopher Harper (Nephew; 9)

Personality and Traits
General Overview: Growing up on Betazed has made Des rather carefree and flirtatious, but being a mother has made her reign in a lot of her personality on a short leash. She is still a giant ray of sunshine and has a nice bedside manner, but when it comes to follow through on anything other than her job as a doctor and a mother, she tends to shy away, making her perhaps a bit of a tease. Des knows when to buckle down and can sometimes be described as a hard ass when she’s trying to get things done, especially in a red alert situation, where she is more likely to be short with people and expect them to simply do as told and as they should.

Strengths & Weaknesses: Des has a photographic memory and therefore knows a lot of ‘useless’ information, but it helps out as far as medical jargon is concerned. She is very authoritative and knows how to have a cool head in a tense situation, and she has a great bedside manner, even in a war type situation.

As she is empathic, Des sometimes feels conflicted by her own feelings with everyone elses’ and gets a bit cranky about it even though she can navigate through it. Her mother bear behavior more often than not gets on everyone’s nerves, but she normally doesn’t notice…or chooses not to care.

Ambitions: To run her own medical vessel after she’s done traveling about.

Hobbies & Interests: Des is an avid reader and loves to dance and sing. She and Clementine love to sing together when they have the time and because of Des, Clementine knows how to play more than one instrument. She enjoys spending time on the Holodeck with her daughter and experimenting with all sorts of molds, plants and even on hologram patients. Des has also written a few books that are out there in several forms, but not as popular as she wishes they were.

Personal History: Desdemona Hyde grew up on Betazed with her mother, always feeling out of place, having inherited the empathy but not the black irises. It is rare, but possible and while out in Starfleet it helped her to hide that she was half Betazoid so no one ever suspected her for mind reading or the like, it made her feel a bit like an outcast. Her father left when she was very young and come Starfleet Academy, she made the same mistakes as her mother, but she also got Clementine out of it and counted her blessings every day.

Ever since she was 4, Des had been drawn to experiments and her mother knew that she had to keep Starfleet as an avid option even though Des’ father had been in Starfleet and she always resented him walking out. Since she was such an information sponge, Des grew up in anticipation of being sent out to Starfleet Academy and when she got there, she devoted her time to studying…and to Wade Frost. She became a mother and still found a balance, which to some degree became just the balance that she knew that she needed.

Once she had graduated with high marks, she lucked out on several postings even with Clementine in tow and she became the best doctor that she could be. Part of it she attributed to her dedication, the other part to her want to be the best and she always found time to experiment and create and being a doctor and a mother simply became her life. She made her way to CMO and stopped climbing the achievement ladder so to speak, wanting to focus on helping and mothering and exploring to feel like she had as much out of life as she could possibly have.

Now, Des is determined to continue to prove that she is the best of the best and when she’s ready, she plans to petition Starfleet for her own medical vessel.

Service Record:

2353: Born to Diana Hyde and Matthew Langford
2369-2377: Attended Starfleet Academy enrolled in the Medical and Command Programs
2377-2379: Medical Officer on Starbase 8, Lieutenant JG
2379-2383: Medical Officer on USS Cognito, Lieutenant
2383-2387: CMO of the USS Blackbird, Lieutenant/Lieutenant Commander
2387: CMO of the USS Indefatigable, Lieutenant/Lieutenant Commander (I don’t have a preference, up to you)


Player Information
Name): Kyla
Age: 25
E-mail: (As a guest it won't let me post it)

Character Info
Face Claim: Ashley Benson
First Name: Clementine
Middle Name: Louise
Last Name: Hyde
Position You Are Applying For: Civilian
Gender: Female
Species: One quarter Betazoid/Three quarters Human
Age: 15

Physical Appearance
Height: 5’6”
Weight: 110 lbs.
Hair Color: Dirty Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Physical Description: Clementine is slender and taller than some, but certainly not as tall as her mother. She has long hair she likes to keep down and kind of wavy, but when she helps her mother out sometimes, she keeps her hair pulled back in a messy bun or a loose ponytail. Her style is very laid back, but she loves to dress up in Starfleet uniform, in preparation to be a nurse after completing Starfleet Academy training.

Spouse: N/A
Children: None
Father: Wade Frost
Mother: Desdemona Hyde
Brother(s): None
Sister(s): None
Other Family: Daisy Hyde (Grandmother), Matthew Langford (Grandfather), Jenna Harper (Aunt), Dante Harper (Uncle), Christopher Harper (Cousin; 9)

Personality and Traits
General Overview: Growing up on space ships and space stations with her mother has made Clementine really adaptable to change, but she loves getting to settle on Betazed when she can and visit with her grandmother. She is not as flirtatious as her mother because she is cautious about men, but she is just as bubbly and kind and has the same knack for medicine. When it comes to meeting new people she can be kind of shy, and she is very guarded, not easily swayed to let people into her circle of trust as they move a bit and she doesn’t trust anyone to stay.

Strengths & Weaknesses: Clementine is really good at absorbing information and knows how to work as a team, making her easy to work worth. Since she is also pretty friendly and knows lots of jokes, good and bad, she is fun to be around.

Unfortunately, Clementine is incredibly emotional, and not all that sociable right off the bat unless she feels comfortable in the given situation. She is quick to anger and quick to cry and sometimes has to excuse herself from a problem, only to come back later once she has calmed down.

Ambitions: To be a nurse and work with her mother on a medical vessel.

Hobbies & Interests: Above all else, Clementine loves to play the piano and is rather good at it, but she also loves to sing. She enjoys reading novels and is her mother’s biggest fan, finding ways to promote her in everyday conversation. She also enjoys spending time in Sickbay with her mother in preparation for heading off to Starfleet Academy to train to be a nurse.

Personal History: Clementine Hyde was born to Wade Frost and Desdemona Hyde on Earth. Like her grandfather had done to her grandmother, Clementine’s father made a quick exit out of her life once he got out of Starfleet Academy and hasn’t contacted her since. She grew up instead with her mother and found a love of medical and science just as her mother had. Her eyes are also blue and because she is only a quarter Betazoid, she doesn’t even have empathy, so she finds that she feels mostly human, though she is very dedicated to Betazoid customs.

She has grown up on star ships and space stations and actually finds that she loves exploring, even though she feels the most happy at home on Betazed when she visits her grandmother. Clementine helps out her mother in Sickbay quite often and feels really good about getting to go to Starfleet Academy when she gets the chance to go. She knows how to be professional and though she has had friends her own age and is constant contact with them, she thinks of her mother as her best friend as well as her mother, as they get along really well.

Service Record:

Clementine was with her mother at every station that her mother was and sometimes helped out as a Cadet training to be a nurse, but never touched anything she wasn’t supposed to.

Sample Post:
3. “Clementine!” Des called as she brushed her hair back into a ponytail, fingers gliding through the soft locks easily. “If you’re coming to Sickbay with me today, you need to move your butt!”

The young blonde nodded as she hopped out on one leg, pulling on the black duty trousers that went with the uniform. While she was not yet even a cadet—she was merely a civilian—she was allowed to sit in Sickbay and observe and sometimes use the tricorder and read it off to her mother, who was a proud Momma bear at the sight of it. Clementine’s curls were bouncing everywhere, her duty jacket open as she fastened up the pants and tossed her head back, hair flying everywhere. She slipped her fingers up and then smiled when her mother tossed her the hair brush, brushing her hair and chewing on her bottom lip.

Such nervous behaviors were that of Des’ as well, the older blonde walking up to her daughter and zipping up the younger’s duty jacket as she set to her hair. Then she moved to the bathroom to grab bobby pins, loving such primitive and useful hair tools, helping her daughter to pin her long bangs back and tightened the pony tail before Clementine smacked her hand away. She liked to be independent as any teenager and her cheeks tinted pink with embarrassment at her mother babying her this morning, Des holding up her hands in surrender.

“I just want to go and be on time,” Des said shrugging, a warm laugh rumbling out of her throat as she stroked her pips and applied some lip stick in the mirror near the door. “Shoes on…”

Clementine rolled her eyes and sighed loudly. “I’m 15, Mom, I know how to get dressed properly.”

“Yes, but you’re not quite yet as punctual as I’ve tried to make you for these 15 and a half years of your life,” Des responded as she checked that her boots were on and then looked at her daughter. “You have exactly 72 seconds…”

“Challenge accepted!” Clementine said merrily, hurrying to her shoes and pulling them on as her mother grabbed a shiny, red apple and tossed it to her.

Catching it with ease, Clementine bit into it, a loud crunch sounding as some of the apple’s juices shot out, and then the two were out the door and strolling down the corridor briskly. Des had a smile and wave to throw to everyone, Clementine only waving at those that she knew, and then the Sickbay doors open and that smell—or lack thereof—that greeted them made them both happy. They already had a patient and a nurse’s face lit up when she saw the two, walking over to them and handing Clementine the tricorder. Looking to her mother for permission, she squealed with excitement when she got her nod of approval and hurried to Ensign Ronan.

Des smiled and went for her medical bag, grabbing a hypospray and then wheeling the medical tray over to the bio bed as Clementine did the scans. She was incredibly excited about things like this and it made Des smile proudly to see her daughter in love with the same things that she was, even though it was obvious that Clementine and her mother were two very different people despite what they had in common. Ensign Ronan smiled though as she scanned his bloody arm, listening to her speak to her mother like a natural about it.

“Surface laceration of the forearm,” Clementine explained, looking at Ensign Ronan and then smiling at her mother. “Nothing a quick clean up and a dermal regeneration can’t cure.”

Smiling back, Des nodded. “I concur.”

“Yesterday, Lieutenant Figor had a broken…ulma…?” Clementine asked slowly.

“Yes, a broken ulma,” Des explained as she set the hypospray to Ensign Ronan’s neck and injected the painkillers before she set to mop up his arm. “I fixed and set it and now he’s good as new.”

“You’re getting good at this, Clem,” Ensign Ronan explained, laughing heartily when she scrunched her nose up at the nickname. “Sorry…Clementine.”

“Better than Mom’s nickname for me,” Clementine said nodding.

Des laughed and smiled. “Speaking of which, Orange, can you go check my messages in my office please while I get Ensign Ronan checked out?”

“I swear you named me with the future intention of calling me a fruit,” Clementine sighed, stalking toward her mother’s office and slipping in to take a seat in the big, comfy chair at her desk.

Letting out a laugh, Des turned her attention back to Ensign Ronan and got him all fixed up before sending him off to do his job. Then she went around helping other patients that came in, letting Clementine take inventory and in their free time, they ran through some need to know first aid guidelines and then Clementine went into her mother’s office to read a novel while her mother did her job. It was nice to have a day to do the little things, because sometimes her mother went on an Away Mission and Clementine was stuck in Sickbay with the other doctor and the nurses and sometimes hid in her quarters to play the piano instead.



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Application: Desdemona and Clementine Hyde Empty Re: Application: Desdemona and Clementine Hyde

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Accepted! You need to register first Kyla for me to accept you and give you rank etc.
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