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Player Information
Name: Tiffy
E-mail: Cant post it because the site forbids me from posting links for 7 days

Character Info
First Name: T’Lena
Middle Name:
Last Name:
Position You Are Applying For: Chief Engineer
Gender: Female
Species: Vulcan
Age: 30

Physical Appearance
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 145
Hair Color: Dark Black
Eye Color: Black
Physical Description:
Tall, Lankey, and otherwise all around slender with great bodily definition despite the lack of bulky muscles. She is seen as pretty by most but to those that enjoy a more well rounded figure aside from a toned, flat body, she’s simply a curiosity.

Father: Varik
Mother: T’Jin
Other Family:

Personality and traits
General Overview:
T’Lena is a calm, collected, and equally curious person. She is somewhat quiet but carries with her a secret side of her communicative ability that can either be displayed through her eyes or of course, by a mind-meld. She is a good person with good intentions and good feelings, deep down, she admires Humanity for their feats and accomplishments and sometimes suffers for that by her family.

Strengths & Weaknesses:
She has her Vulcan strength, the ability to reason with logic, and to handle her emotions at even the most stressing of events. However, she does not lie and that can be seen as a strength or a weakness. In romantic relationships she can telepathically share the mind of those she’s involved with in order to strengthen logic, control, and calm in those she knows personally. She is skilled in Vulcan neuropressure as well as mechanical and software techniques; she is a skilled holo-novelist as well.

To serve the fleet, to make friends, and to fit where she is needed.

Hobbies & Interests:
Writing Holo-Novels, Holodeck Adventures, and real-world exploration outside of virtual reality. She also enjoys making friends and falling into their interests, whatever it may be, as a type of exploratory adventure.

Personal History:
Born in 2357 on the Highlands of the Kerlon mountains to Varik, a curator at a local museum, and T’Jin a Starfleet Science Officer stationed on Vulcan. She lived an uneventful life and studied the traditional Vulcan ways until her decision to join Starfleet. This decision was supported by her mother but not so much her father who felt that there still needed to be more repression of her emotional ways in her system. Eventually, she was accepted.

Service Record:
2375 - Joined Starfleet Academy
2379 - Graduated Academy with Specialization in Engineering
2380 - Stationed aboard the USS Ganymede as an Ensign DCS
2381 - Promoted to Lt. JG USS Ganymede.
- Published holonovel “Vulcan Love Slave - Paradise Falls”
2382 - Transferred to USS Europa as Chief Engineer
- Sought after for lawsuit regarding the previous holonovel under the premise that it was copyrighted material by the original author, however, she agreed to take it off of subspace purchasing under the blackmail that her parents on Vulcan would receive a copy of her holonovel if she continued to sell it.
2382 - Demoted to Ensign for conduct unbecoming regarding the popularity of her holonovel.
2383 - January, reinitiated to Lieutenant, Junior Grade over ruling regarding separation of private life and duty requirements.
2384 - Prevented Warp Core Breach of the USS Europa after encountering a subspace tare.
- Promoted to Lieutenant.
- Released holonovel “Off The Shoulder of Orion” - A dystopian murder mystery loosely based off of the style of “Do Androids Dream of Electronic Sheep”. Meanwhile, her original holonovel distribution continues to dwarf her latter work despite not being sold.
2385 - Transferred to the USS Dreamer as Chief Engineer
2386 - Published Holonovel “San Francisco Times” A gritty crime thriller that takes place in 1970's San Francisco where the editor of a News Paper (Archaic form of communication and news) witnesses a murder by fictional famous mob boss Zachary Frost with the help of a spunky up-and-coming young detective from the SFPD.
2387 - Transferred aboard the USS Indefatigable as Chief Engineer with her best friend and fellow Engineer, Zack Davison

Sample Post

T’Lena woke up next to Zack. As friends, they had been known to do things that no Vulcan would have expected them to do . They had stayed up late watching a projected television show from Earth’s past while eating replicated ‘junk food’ from the era of that show together. At some point in the night, the Vulcan and her human companion had fallen asleep together under the sheets. The computer generated hologram that resembled a pseudo-screen with an image on it, was still running. The image finally vanished and in place of it, the lining of her quarters glowed red as an indication of red alert.

“What the heck was that?!” Zak asked as he rolled out and pulled his shirt on.

“That would be a gravimetric distortion brought on by the inability of the inertial dampers to compensate for the vessels smooth travel; as for the cause behind the fluxuation, you are as much in the dark as I.” T’Lena said in perfect Vulcan fashion while scrambling to pull her wrinkled gold uniform on from the previous night. They were not lovers but they were as close to lovers as one generally could get to a Vulcan considering the time they had spent together. Regardless, inseparable was the most appropriate description for the pair. The ship shook again as the two officers raced to their department.

Engineering, with all it’s luminescence was aflame with – well, flame! The two officers acted in unison with separate pairs of fire extinguishers. They reduced the blaze in Engineering to a smoldering inner bulkhead in seconds.

“Report?” T’Lena said in a calm every-day tone the same as if she had used to nonchalantly ask about someone’s day. She continued to adjust her uniform along with her friend while they received word as to the Romulan that warped in just to say hello.

“No! We were not. We just slept together!” Zack’s words to a different conversation flooded the room a little louder than it should have. Even the Vulcan had to raise her eyebrow at that despite Zack not being able to see it. She was sure that the phrase was taken incorrectly but her lack of emotions caused her to only concentrate on the fact that their entire staff was distracted by misinterpreted information.

“I assure you our private lives will be made public the moment we put this ship back together in proper order. If you do a good job, and we survive, you will know all the details from me.”

Suddenly the crew sprung into action. Orders were given, transferred, and coalated into proper order and if the ship only needed a lever to make it move, they’d be on it. She went to a working console and brought up the workload. Meanwhile, she witnessed a drastic reduction in phaser coil charge. She tapped her combadge.

“Engineering to Bridge,” the Vulcan said in her trademark calm.
“Bridge here! I need more power to phasers, stat!”

“I am transferring your request to my maximum capacity but we generally, at the moment, do not have the appropriate charge.”

“What is that supposed to mean, Lieutenant?!” The commander yelled over the speakers. Suddenly, T’Lena’s friend Zack leaned over her shoulder to translate her words.

“She said she’s givin’ ya all she’s got captain’ but she don’t have the power!”
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