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Player Information
Name: Allison Abbott
Age: 25
E-mail: alisabbott44[at]gmail[dot]com

Character Info
First Name: Allison 'Allie'
Middle Name: Alexandra
Last Name: Costanza
Position You Are Applying For: Nurse
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Age: 30

Physical Appearance
Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 125
Hair Color: Blue
Eye Color: Blonde
Physical Description: Allison has long, wavy blonde hair, which she sometimes wears straightened. She has, blue eyes and is of average height. She is also light of build, having some muscular definition but is more or less average in that area as well.


Father: Albert Costanza
Mother: Alice Costanza
Other Family:

Personality and traits
General Overview: Allison is a very shy person. She got over that to do her job, but outside of her duties can be a little awkward socially. She has been strongly affected by the rift with her father, to the point that she is afraid to go home, for fear of being rejected again. This has further manifested itself in her relationships. Allison has never had many friendships, and it has been difficult for her to trust a man enough to enter into a serious or long-term relationship of any kind.

Strengths & Weaknesses: Allison is very sure of herself medically. She is an expert at what she does and does it well. She is also a very kind-hearted individual, which can be a weakness and a strength because of the wall that she has built to protect her feelings.

Ambitions: She wants to become a doctor one day, but is not in a rush to get there. She also wants

Hobbies & Interests: Allison enjoys riding horses and a good game of baseball. She also studies several martial arts including, boxing, jujitsu, and kickboxing. She finds that the confidence of martial arts has helped her with her social skills as well as helps keep her fit. She also loves to read, mainly suspense and thriller novels.

Personal History:

She grew up on her father's small Montana ranch, which he ran himself. Her mother was often absent, her position as Chief Medical Officer on board the USS Diligent. Her mother stayed in close contact, and came home as often as possible, and the two shared a close relationship, despite the often daunting distance between them. Her father was a strict man, instilling a healthy respect for rules and regulations in the young girl.

She often spent her nights watching the stars and imagining where her mother was and what she was doing at that moment. She dreamed of one day following in her mother's footsteps and joining Starfleet, though her father held on to hopes that she'd want to stay home and help run their ranch and work with him. She started school and worked hard towards the dream of going into the medical field. Her father finally gave up on the notion that he could talk his only daughter into staying home.

Her first year of high school was shadowed by the death of her mother during a skirmish During an away mission. She began to work hard, driving herself with an end goal in mind. She did extremely well, finishing high school early and aimed to enter Starfleet Medical Academy two years earlier than most. It was during her first year of high school that her father and her began to argue about her insistence on following her mother's footsteps. She spent the remainder of her time before entering the Academy at odds with the man she most trusted and loved. He'd taken his wife's death hard, and couldn't stand the thought of losing his only child in the same way. So he decided, the day before she left for the Academy, that he would lose her on his terms instead. They had a huge fight and he told her he no longer had a daughter. There was no other family for her to turn to for support.

She was an emotional wreck at that point. She was in no condition to attend the academy at that time. So she signed on to a private freighter, at first just doing odd jobs such as being a gopher for the crew and cooking meals. Slowly she worked her way up to helping out in engineering assisting with repairs and routine maintenance as well as being tutored in flight operations so that she could help out by taking CONN shifts occasionally.

Finally, after six years of doing that she parted ways and spent a few years relaxing on fair-weather planets, trying to rediscover herself, she decided that she needed to honor her mother and continue on with her plans in Starfleet., But she would reapply to the nursing program, not the physician program.

Service Record:

Starfleet Academy:

She entered Starfleet Academy at the age of 25 with determination and her mother's memory as her only ally. Her instructors quickly picked up on her drive and ambition, and helped her choose the best classes to take to reach her goal.

She graduated at the top of her class, and to her disappointment, her father was true to his word. Invitations went unanswered and he was not present at her graduation.


She was stationed on starbase 12 about a year ago as an Ensign.
Allison Costanza
Allison Costanza
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