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Post by Reneé Lucas on Sun Jan 13, 2013 11:33 am

The SerNumi

The SerNumi are the native population of the planet SerNumi a IV. A planet of dense jungles and ferocious beasts. As such the SerNumi have evolved certain biological traits to give them a fighting chance, such as a heightened awareness of danger and a biological mechanism similar to that of the terrain cuttlefish, by which they can change the pigment of their skin, to show their mood, act as simple form of non-verbal communication and can also function as a crude form of camouflage.

Although their technology is on par with that of the Federation most of the population live in small tribal settlements and practice a traditional hunter/gatherer lifestyle. Advanced technology is used sparingly, for example a SerNumi may hunt with primitive weapons and cook what he has caught over a fire pit, but every family has at least one directed energy weapon for protection and every village has comm. system and computer terminal to keep them in touch with the rest of the planet.
They have a small defensive space navy to protect the planet and their trade routes. Although they are not Federation members, they have close ties with both the Federation and the Klingon Empire and during the Dominion War SerNumi citizens fought as Marine scouts or served as volunteers on both Starfleet and Klingon Defense Force vessels.

Due to this stance, theirs was one of the worlds that came under attack by Jem'Hadar shock troops. But they didn't make it easy for them. They had the home advantage and having learned to 'see' the native invisible animals by the way the light bends around them, made Jem'Hadar's shroud essentially useless.
After months of their troops being killed and confounded, the Founders decided that the planet wasn't worth the resources expended to take it and ordered an orbital bombardment. Something that was prevented by the timely arrival of a Federation Alliance fleet.

By Jason

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