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Player Information

Name: Rob
Age: 19
E-mail: akirarevile.@.gmail.com

Character Info

First Name: Miko
Middle Name: Kuni
Last Name: Hayakawa
Position You Are Applying For: Chief Science Officer
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Age: 38

Physical Appearance

Height: 5'7"
Weight: 112 lbs.
Hair Color: Raven Black
Eye Color: Cybernetic Blue

Physical Description: Just looking at Miko, it becomes clear that she's a strange woman, though not in a terribly unattractive way. Short, flat-chested and with a face starting to wrinkle early, she still manages to overcome the further difficulties of rarely-washed hair and a hatred for makeup to be a fine looking example how beautiful a pair of robotic eyes can truly be. The slender legs that go on up to heaven sure help out.

Despite the Japanese origins of her name, Miko is of predominantly Korean descent, as her facial structure clearly shows. A few wrinkles have begun to show up early on that not-really-terribly-attractive face thanks to decades of constant stress and endless hours twisted into a scowl. On Miko’s back one can find the fading black lines of a pair of dragon wing lineart tattoos taking up her entire back from the tops of her shoulders to just above her hips - a remnant of sorts from those younger, wilder days that seem to be all the rage these, erm... days.


Spouse: None, but she swears a certain marine could've been
Children: Three unnamed aborted children
Father: Unknown
Mother: Yuri Hayakawa (Deceased)
Brother(s): n/a
Sister(s): Akira Hannah
Other Family:

Rychard Hannah (Brother in law)
Haruka Hannah (Niece)

Personality and traits

General Overview:

Messed up is a good place to start but only that - a start. One does not simply escape 18 years of mental, physical and sexual abuse unharmed; between possible bipolar disorder, manic-depression, anger management problems and addictions to both alcohol and passionate after-hours sessions, it's a miracle Miko is even allowed to stay in service.

Compounded with this is rampant self-hatred, driven by the trifecta of guilt from abandoning her sister, killing her best friend and driving off the woman she loved. At some point Miko seems to have simply given up, resigning herself to lonely misery as punishment for God only know what.

Strengths & Weaknesses:

For all the severe mental and emotional problems Miko deals with, she's simply a brilliant woman who can show incredible fire when her life is threatened. Aside from being a mathematical prodigy, she's about as tough as any marine in a fight, having survived several combat situations including a terrorist bombing that cost Miko her eyes.

In fact, the only thing keeping Miko down in herself; self-hatred and an insistence of apathy keeps her unable to deal with basic social functions most of the time. Aside from screaming at them or dragging them to bed if they're female, Miko doesn't have the slightest ability to deal with other people. At all.


Maybe Miko wanted to get her own ship once, but all that ambition has long died off. All she's really willing to work for anymore is to keep her job and all the medical benefits that it comes

Hobbies & Interests:

As it turns out, Miko is the galaxy's foremost expert on illegally modifying a replicator to spit out real alcohol. In the vein of legal hobbies, however, Miko has a bit of a thing for both math and, strangely enough, various historical interpretations of the myths of mermaids.


Personal History:

Miko was born on a human colony at the edges of Federation space to an alcoholic mother and never even knew her father's name, as she was conceived in a one night stand. Her, mother, a Starfleet dropout who had become little more than a prostitute, held a deep resentment towards Miko, constantly beating her for no reason other than her drunkenness, or occasionally because she had driven off Yuri's latest bastard client.

When Miko was 6 years old her mother gave birth to another child, her half-sister sister Akira. The two never got along well, with Miko constantly trying to assume a dominant role in their sisterhood, while Akira tended to be extremely sensitive and break down sobbing at the drop of a hat. She also became the target of Miko's anger as she grew older, becoming the victim of abuse from her only family, causing her to grow into a young woman who appeared to be timid but held a monster inside.

Throughout her young life, Miko had no friends, but enjoted hanging out with the crew of the USS Merrimack, a Starfleet vessel that would often stop by the colony to deliver supplies. She was particularly fascinated by the talks on physics people from the vessels science department would sometimes give, and at 18, tired of her depressing life, Miko left her home and enlisted in Stafleet.

Nearly dropping out of the academy due to her violent nature that conflicted with Federation ideals, Miko struggled for years to overcome her hateful tendencies. A counselor suggested in her second year at the academy that Miko had unresolved sexual issues-an idea that proved correct. Miko was found to be a lesbian who's obsession with dominating her sister was her way of expressing attraction.

With her problems now known, Miko was able to work through some of her violent tendencies, and come to grips with her sexuality. Her performance at the academy shot up quickly, as she demonstrated and excellent skill with quantum mechanics. Although at the time of her graduation she still had an extremely aggressive nature, she had managed to suppress her violent instincts enough to work effectively within Starfleet.

Miko was promptly assigned to the Freeman Dyson Research Institute in London as a physics assistant, where she met Dr. Erin Hallinger, a biological researcher. Erin was involved in a terrible marriage at the time and had an extremely stressful life, something that allowed her to understand Miko's constant irritation with everyone around her. Over six years they became good friends, almost sisters, but as Miko began to feel more and more lonely and started to desire Erin romantically.

While Erin did not have a pleasant marriage by any means and indeed had feelings for Miko, she was unable to grapple with the idea that she might cheat on her husband, who, while a jackass, had always been faithful. Torn between two people she was in love with, Erin threw herself off of a balcony in front of Miko, who became horrified with herself at what she had caused and soon requested a transfer to the USS New Jersey.

Desperate for any compassion and companionship as she flung herself far away from the site of her problems, Miko just so happened to meet a lovely young marine romping around the quadrant on the New Jersey; Reneé Lucas looked more than a little like Erin, had an accent just as sexy and carried the kind of confident marine air about her that made Miko practically drool. On one hell of a rebound mainly driven by desperation, the science officer enjoyed a passionate two-year romance with Reneé that proved to be the only thing keeping her stable for quite some time.

Things only ended when Miko let her temper get the best of her and she drove Reneé away seemingly for good after a huge argument over something she can't even remember. The depression that followed caused her career to stagnate instantly; for years she reminded stuck as the ACSO of the New Jersey and a mere lieutenant. It was only recently, two years away from the big 4-0, that she finally earned a department head position, and a reassignment with it.

Whether or not the jerk who decided she should serve under her former lover was a genius comedian or a blind raging idiot is a mystery for the ages.

Service Record:

2370-2374: Attended Starfleet Academy majoring in Astrophysics
2374: Commissioned as Ensign
2374: Assigned to Freeman Dyson Research Institute as Astrophysics Research Assistant
2377: Promoted to Junior Lieutenant
2378: Assigned as Physics Researcher, Freeman Dyson Research Institute
2380: Promoted to Full Lieutenant
2380: Assigned as Assistant Chief Science Officer, USS New Jersey
2387: Assigned as Chief Science Officer, USS Indefatigable
Miko Hayakawa
Miko Hayakawa
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