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Post by Reneé Lucas on Sat Dec 15, 2012 12:36 am

Deck 1:Main Bridge, Observation Lounge, Debriefing Room, Captain's Ready Room

Deck 2:Captain's Quarters, First Officer's Quarters, First Officer's Office, Diplomatic Administrative Offices

Deck 3:Senior Officer Quarters, VIP Quarters, Subspace Communications Array, Strategic Operations and Intelligence Administrative Offices, Transporter Room 1

Deck 4:Officer and Warrant Officer Quarters, Flying Colours (Galley/Lounge), Subspace Communications Array, Rec Rooms, Exercise Suites

Deck 5:Non-Commissioned Officers Quarters, Impulse Reaction Systems, Armament Room, Communications Office, Flight Control Administrative Offices

Deck 6:Enlisted and Civilian Quarters, Medical Administrative Offices, General Medical Care Facilities, Xenobiology Lab, Sickbay, Medical Research Labs

Deck 7:Enlisted and Civilian Quarters, Environmental Support Suite, Educational Facilities

Deck 8:Galley, Gymnasium, Holodecks 1-2, Arboretum, Primary Computer Core (Top Deck), Counseling Administrative Offices

Deck 9:Operations Administrative Offices, Tactical Administrative Offices, Secondary Damage Control, Primary Computer Core (Bottom Deck), Secondary EPS Power Distribution Center

Deck 10:Security Administrative Offices, Armory, Brig, Transporter Rooms 2, Phaser Range, Contingency Crew Quarters

Deck 11:Science Administrative Offices, Biology Lab, Quantum Mechanics Lab, Chemistry Lab,
High Energy Biophysics Lab, Atmospheric Physics lab, General Science Labs

Deck 12:Astrometrics, Hydroponics Labs, Sensor Maintenance, Secondary Computer Core (Upper Deck)

Deck 13:Stellar Cartography, Engineering Systems Programming Office, Docking Port, Environmental Controls, Secondary Computer Core (Bottom Deck)

Deck 14:Primary Forward Torpedo Tubes, Photon Torpedo Magazine Bay, Entry Airlock, Probe Storage And Maintenance, Torpedo And Probe Launch And Loader Mechanisms

Deck 15:Secondary Shuttlebay Hangar, Cargo Conveyor, Primary Cargo Bay Alpha, Cargo Operations, Transporter Rooms 3

Deck 16:Tertiary Damage Control, EPS Node Monitoring, Secondary 'Battle' Bridge, Emergency response/Damage Control Teams

Deck 17:Cargo Bay Beta, Consumable Storage, Deuterium Control Systems, EPS Support, Recycling Center, Waste Extraction

Deck 18:Cargo Bay Delta,Aft Torpedo Tubes, Photon Torpedo Magazine Bays, Torpedo And Probe Launch And Loader Mechanisms

Deck 19:Main Engineering (Top Deck), Warp Core, Engineering Maintenance, Engineering Administrative Offices, Power Transfer Conduits, EPS Processing

Deck 20:Main Engineering(Middeck), Warp Core, Engineering Computer Core, Fabrication Machinery, EPS Power Main Power Distribution Center, Holodeck 3, Transporter Room 4

Deck 21:Main Engineering(Bottom Deck), Warp Core, Fusion Reactor, Systems Monitoring Suites, tructural Integrity Field Systems, Antimatter Storage Pods, Deflector Signal Processing

Deck 22:Main Shuttlebay Hangar, Cargo Bay Sigma, Deflector Generators, Deflector Dish Array, Antimatter Storage Pods, Warp reactor Core Jettison Hatch
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