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Post by Miko Hayakawa on Wed Mar 13, 2013 3:30 pm

Player Information
Name: Rob
Age: 19
E-mail: Will post when the durn thing lets me

Character Info
First Name: Melissa
Middle Name: Terrance
Last Name: Rivers
Position: Chief Science Officer’s Assistant
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Age: 25

Physical Appearance
Height: 6’0”
Weight: 102 lbs.
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Brown
Physical Description:

Melissa Rivers (PNPC) 1740jenny20wade

Spouse: Jim Walters (ex-fiancé)
Children: n/a
Father: John Rivers
Mother: Oliva Rivers
Brother(s): James Robert Rivers
John Rivers Jr.
Ben Rivers
Jason Rivers
Sister(s): Erin Rivers
Elizabeth Rivers
Mary Ellen Rivers
Other Family: Zebulon Tyler Rivers (Grandfather, deceased)
Esther Rivers (Deceased)

Personality and traits
General Overview: Melissa is really a very positive individual, always optimistic to an almost insufferable degree and never unsure that a little elbow grease is all it’ll take for things to turn out okay. Consistently polite like a good southern lady, Mel rarely if ever lets herself get furious or over-emotional about anything, a fact that is generally the only reason she can stand to be around Miko as much as her current job requires.

Strengths & Weaknesses: Optimism is great for keeping Melissa sane, but it also extends into the unfortunate realm of being utterly naive sometimes. That innocence, while charming in it’s own right, is the main reason Melissa is the only girl in her family yet to find a good husband, much to the chagrin of her more traditional parents.

Ambitions: Fully intending to make Starfleet a lifetime career, Melissa has dreams of not only being a fine and respectable scientist, but also advancing all the way up to obtain her own command when the time comes. Stretch goals, after all.

Hobbies & Interests: A gold old southern girl at hear, Mel loves two things above all else: her precious, precious country music, and NASCAR’s modern-day orbital races. An average day off will see Melissa strumming on her acoustic guitar while not watching the weekend’s big races live in her quarters (or the lounge, if they’ll resist kicking her out as she starts yelling at drivers on the screen).

Personal History: Born in the deep heart of Texas to a large southern family, Melissa had a quintessential country childhood on the old family farm, filled with long days of hard, honest work in the field and longer weekends of family gathered around a screen watching NASCAR and country music concerts. Traditionalists that they were, Melissa’s parents did their best to find her a good man to settle down with while she merrily worked on getting the education needed to be a biologist.

Naturally, Melissa picked the last guy her parents wanted her to be with to date, and just as naturally, Jim Walters ended up breaking Mel’s heart by leaving her at the altar. Though she doesn’t remember the week after the wedding, Jim’s house mysteriously burned down and his truck was wrecked to all hell by someone with a baseball bat; both events occurred at times when Melissa couldn’t be found by anyone.

Still, Mel is an optimist, and rather than sulk for years about having her heart broken, she decided the best thing to do was dramatically change her environment to forget about Jim. The most dramatic change possible was, again out of step with the desires of her parents, heading out to San Francisco and joining up with Starfleet. Luckily, Melissa was always a smart cookie, and four years of not-too-difficult time majoring in biology has earned her an officer’s commision and assignment to the USS Indefatigable.

Service Record: Melissa only got out of the Academy last month, and as such the Indefatigable is her first assignment. Initially she was slated to work as part of the biology division, but Miko quickly made the southern her assistant when every other contender for the position proved unable to deal with their insufferable bitch of a boss.
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