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Post by Jason Beauvoir on Wed Mar 13, 2013 5:26 pm

Chief Operations Officer's personal log.

Having recently arrived aboard the Indefatigable, I am amazed how good it feel to be back on a starship again and to feel I'm doing something productive.

I still miss Sarah, and nearly 2 and a half years of 'rehabilitation' hasn't done anything to lessen the pain of her loss. I am happy to say that I no longer blame her for dying and stranding me in this lonesome purgatory that is life.

Wow, I appear to have picked up a flare for the dramatic from my father.

Speaking of family, I wonder if my mother had anything to do with my early release, or is Starfleet so desperate for experienced officers that they have to reinstate a screw up like me? I'm not sure which possibility scares me more, but if the 'great' Captain T'Lisa Anderson had anything to do with it, they can take me back to my 'cell' asap, I don't want anything from that selfish bitch, who abandon her family for her 'oh so important' career. She could give the Breen lessons in cold heartedness.

On a professional note my staff appear to be competent. Time will tell is this assessment is correct.
As for my fellow senior officers, I haven't had much of an opportunity to interact with them as yet.

End log.
Jason Beauvoir
Jason Beauvoir
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