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Post by Jason Beauvoir on Wed Mar 13, 2013 10:30 pm

Player Information
Name: Jared
Age: 36

Character Info
First Name: M'Jart
Middle Name: Artalu (Clan name)
Last Name: S'Rem
Position You Are Applying For: Operations NCO
Gender: Female
Species: SerNumi
Age: 28

Physical Appearance
Height: 5′ 4″
Weight: 115 lbs
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Physical Description:
Like all her people, M'Jart possesses a biological mechanism similar to that of the terrain cuttlefish, by which she can change the pigment of her skin, to show her mood and can be used as a crude form of camouflage. This helps her blend in better with her natural jungle environment.
She is slim, but not overly tall.
M'Jart S'Rem (PNPC) Mjart

Spouse: None
Children: none
Father: T'Sar S'Rem, SerNumi ambassador to the Federation, San Francisco, Earth.
Mother: R'Gal Artalu S'Rem, Civilian Biochemist, San Francisco, Earth.
Brother(s): K'Zok Artalu S'Rem, minor diplomat (older brother)
Sister(s): none
Other Family:

Personality and traits
General Overview:
Is intelligent and inquisitive with the tactical mind of a hunter. Sees technical problems as a beast that needs to be conquered and tamed. Does not understand the need for lying and is therefore direct and bereft of tact.
Believes that trust is earned, not freely given. When someone betrays her trust, she can be vicious in response.

Strengths & Weaknesses:
Has a knack for understanding and repairing machines.

In off duty situations has trouble understanding the complex codes of practice that most humanoid cultures have.

To do her job well and find someone to love.

Hobbies & Interests:
Hunting (on the holodeck), drinking, tinkering with technology, tri-dimensional chess.

Personal History:
Born on the jungle planet SerNumia IV, M'Jart grew up learning her environment, how to hunt and how to avoid becoming a snack for the 'invisible' Tuk'Nar beasts. When she was old enough she was sent to school and found she had an affinity for machines.
Her father a diplomat, eventually became the SerNumi ambassador to the Federation, and moved his family to Earth, while M'Jart stayed behind to finish her schooling. At 17 M'Jart and her human boyfriend, Sam, decided to enrolled in Starfleet Academy, and left for Earth, her boyfriend got in, but she didn't. She joined the enlisted program, so that they could still be together. She visited him in his quarters once, too find him bed with another woman and barely escaped a dishonourable discharge, when she tried to take revenge on him.
After that her record was clear, until one night she got drunk, while celebrating a recent promotion and woke up naked on a admiral's lawn wrapped in his daughter's arms. The admiral was furious and wanted her drummed out of the service, but a court martial ruled that she lose 2 months 'liberty' , make an official apology to the admiral and his family and stick to synthol in future.
M'Jart is an efficient and effective operations officer and even helped out in engineering on occasion.
Although she has been unlucky in love she hasn't let it dissuade her from the believe that one day she will find 'Mr.' or 'Miss Right'.

Service Record:
2277 - Graduated boot camp and operations school.
2377- 2379 Crewman: USS Melville NCC-26520 Ambassador class. Relief efforts in Cardassian space.
Promoted to Operations specialist 3rd class
2379 -2383 Operations specialist 3rd class: USS Rommel NCC-74208 Defiant class. Patrolling Romulan border
Promoted to Operations specialist 2nd class and 1st class.
2383 -2387 Operations specialist 1st class: McKinley station
2387 - Operations specialist 1st class: USS Indefatigable NCC-14924 Excelsior class
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