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Post by Desdemona Hyde on Sun Jan 20, 2013 7:44 am

Okay, because we are so active, I feel like it's time to bring up "internal tags" for the sake of not only our writing, but my sanity and the CO already signed off on me doing this.

What is an internal tag? An "internal tag" is where you add something in where other people have posted and we pretty much only use it with JPs, but it helps to manage the flow especially with so many active participants like we have now. When say, one person addresses another person but two or more other people post before them, the person who is responding is dragging the entire JP back to something that happened replies ago and it ruins the entire flow of what is happening. So, instead of just tacking on, you respond up above where the other two people posted and then continue to move the plot forward after what the others have written. For example:

Richard posts and he tags Danny, but other people need to put something in too.
Reneé posts next to try and move some other things along in the mean time.
Des posts next to try and help to move things along.
Danny comes in and needs to respond so, he still quotes the whole section to add on, but he answers his tag before what Reneé posted and then tacks on to the moving plot line after Des' reply.

This way, everything flows better and it doesn't get confusing moving forward, and then suddenly backtracking to something that should really be put before. It might also help that if for example Richard tags Danny, Reneé keeps the tag there and then continues so Danny knows he needs to put something there and everyone else is still moving forward. I have done that in the big JP we are doing right now so that we can all start doing it (I mean we just had three people try to post at once): Reneé tagged Richard, his tag is there, and I did my post with a few internal tags because of all the posting that occurred while I was sleeping and unable to respond yet. It's just helpful and considerate, so I brought it up so we could all benefit from it.
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